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Interview Tips

It is important to make a good impression if you are called for a job interview. 

1.  Make sure you know where the interview will be held.  Don't stress yourself trying to find it the day of the interview.  Find the location ahead of time so you know exactly how long it takes to get there.

2.  Do you need to bring anything to the interview?  If the company has asked for anything specific make sure and bring it.  If nothing is asked of you go ahead and show you are on top of things by bringing a resume if they don't already have it, letters of recommendation and educational credentials.

3.  Arrive 5 to 10 minutes early.  Arriving half an hour early makes you look desperate and arriving late shows you aren't reliable.

4. Be nice to anyone you meet at the company prior to the interview.  Interviewers are known to ask the receptionist how the candidate treated them. Smile.

5.  Dress appropriately for the job you are applying for.  While clean nice jeans may be appropriate for construction or oil field jobs, it isn't for office jobs.  Never wear flip flops, shorts, tank tops, tube tops or capris.

6.  Avoid perfumes or colognes.  Some people are very sensitive to smells and since you don't know the preference of the interviewer go without.

7.  Answer questions honestly.

8.  Thank them for the interview.


 job interview tips

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