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Filling Out an Employment Application

Completing an employment application is the first glimpse the employer will have of you so make sure you make a good impression

1.  Print neatly

2.  Don't leave any lines blank.  If it doesn't apply to you write in "Does Not Apply"

3.  Never, never write in "See Resume" instead of completing a section of the application.  The employer will take this as a sign that you don't follow directions and see it as a sign of laziness

4.  Answer the questions honestly.

5.  Be specific. If it asks for the name, address and phone numbers of references make sure you provide all three.

6.  If you have a current resume then go ahead and attach it to the application.  If the resume isn't current, grammatically correct or has mark outs on it then leave it off -- it will do more harm than good.

7.  Make sure you give them a working phone number.  If they can't reach you by phone they may move to the next candidate.


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