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Once You're Hired

Getting the job is just the start. Follow these tips to keep your job and get promoted

1.  Be on time. 

Make sure to arrive at work ten to fifteen minutes early.  It shows you are an eager beaver and it gives you a little extra time in case you get caught in traffic to assure that you aren't late for work.

It's fine to take your allowed breaks but make sure you don't take longer than what is permitted.

2.  Be the "go to" person.

Learn what you can and strike these words from your vocabulary "It's not MY job!".  Get a reputation for offering to help. The more you know about the company and how things work, the better your position is there.  When employers lay off staff they start with those who never go above and beyond.

3.  Smile.

Every job requires interaction with co-workers and/or the public and we all are drawn to happy smiling people. Don't earn the reputation of being the gloomy Gus.

4.  Be reliable.

Be at work when you are scheduled and meet your deadlines.

5.  Be efficient.

Do your work right the first time.  Correcting your mistakes costs your employer time and money.

6.  Learn from your mistakes.

Everyone makes mistakes. What is most important is learning from your mistakes so you don't repeat them.


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