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In this tough job market it's more important than ever to put your best foot forward when looking for work.  Read job ads carefully and follow the directions given.  If an ad says, "no phone calls" then don't call. If it says you must apply to be considered then don't just send a resume.  Go in and complete the application. If they give certain dates and times to apply make sure and go during those times.  Not following directions is the easiest way to be eliminated as a potential applicant.

Completing Employment Applications

Carefully complete every section, answering every question it asks.  Applicants who just write in "see resume" won't even be considered. 

Make sure and give contact phone numbers.  If employers can't call you they figure you won't be reachable as an employee either and your application will be moved to the bottom of the pile.

Use your best handwriting and carefully print your answers, using correct spelling.

Answer every question it asks and be truthful.

If also providing a resume, make sure it is grammatically correct, without handwritten scratch out marks.  If your resume isn't current, don't include it.


If you are called for an interview arrive early and dressed to impress.  Wear clean, unwrinkled clothing. Never wear shorts, tank tops, or flip flops.

Clean presentable jeans (no holes) may be acceptable for interviews in construction or oil field work but not when applying for any type of office or administrative work.

Cologne should be used sparingly, if at all.

Answer the interview questions honestly, but above all SMILE.  Most jobs require working with the public or at a minimum, other co-workers.  Employers want to know that you are friendly and can interact well with others.

Once the interview is over, thank them for taking the time to interview you.  Assure them that if hired you will do a good job, work hard and be reliable.  That is what every employer wants in an employee.

If you would like more guidance on looking for work, please call the WADI Employment Specialist in your county:

Edwards County:  445-2379  or stop by at 334 Industrial Drive in Albion

Wabash County:  262-8133 or stop by at 823 W. 9th St in Mt Carmel

Wayne County: 842-2962 or stop by at 2004 W Delaware in Fairfield

White County:  382-7871 or stop by at 1124 Oak Street in Carmi



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